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Liathach: Glas-Toll a' Bothain

Liathach: Glas-Toll a' Bothain.   Photo: Scott Muir

Located just to the West of Mullach an Rathain, this secluded corrie is not as grand as its Eastern neighbours, but offers more amenable skiing, with the bonus of (maybe) being able to ski of the summit.


The shortest, most direct approach is the most brutal - straight up the path to the South of Mullach an Rathain. It is steep, and relentless, particularly with a heavy pack, but it brings you out onto the ridge at the head of the corrie. There is a small parking spot next to the start of the path, at NG414554.

Your options to return to the roadside are not straightforward...

  • Of course, you could boot back up to the ridge, and walk all the way back down (assuming there isn't snow cover to ski/board). This is quite likely to be almost as brutal as the ascent.
  • Once you've climbed back up, work your way East, and ski into Coire na Caime. From there, you can walk out the corrie, and cut across the hillside to the Coire Dubh path. Be warned, it's rough going. One at the Coire Dubh car park, you could try hitching back to your car if you have not made other arrangements. This is best not undertaken with skis on your back!
  • Descent right out of the corrie, and join the path on the North side of Liathach. You can choose to head either way, but your hitching options will be best from the Coire Dubh car park.

Relevant Weather Forecasts

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Relevant Avalanche Forecasts

There is one relevant Scottish Avalanche Information Service forecast for Liathach: Glas-Toll a' Bothain.

... or, as was named on the day in April 2018 in reference to the state of one of the skiers on the ascent back to the corrie rim: "Beaty Swallocks"!  

The central gully is the most obvious line, with a wide funnel leading into it.  In April 2018, following a significant thaw the previous week, there was some debris on the snow from one of the side walls, but it's unlikely to be an issue in subsequent years.

A slightly more amenable line skiers left provides an easier re-ascent route to the corrie rim, but would be a pleasant ski as well.  

Looking down the line after a significant thaw, late April 2018  Photo: Scott Muir
Dave Anderson setting off, with Beinn Alligin in the background.  Photo: Scott Muir
Neil Fleming setting off at speed.  Photo: Scott Muir
The main gully line is up and left of the skier, and the alternative is directly above.  Photo: Scott Muir
Grid Reference: NG911578

Approximate Start Height: 1010m

Approximate Descent: 250m

General Aspect: North

Climbing Grade: n/a

Notes: Not quite Grade I
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